Notary Public Service Mesa

Mesa has many business that require notarized documentation. Sometimes finding a location isn’t easy. We at Alma School Pawn are here to make it easy. We do this by providing a Notary Public Service Mesa residents can rely. It’s a simple service that can benefit a lot of people when they need it most.

Why Bring This Up Now?

As a business, we’re always looking for ways to expand our services to our customers. This is one such offer and there is always a need for notarized documents. So rather than hunt for a notary public service Mesa location, simply visit us instead. This allows you the freedom to get title loans, pawn loans, and documents that can be notarized. Three great services in one convenient location.  The other unique part of this is that Alma School Pawn and Gold is open seven days a week.  Where else can you get that kind of service when banks are other notary options are closed?  We’re the only option and most likely the cheapest.

What is a Notary Public Service?

Simply put, a notary public service is presenting documents to be official via notary stamp and seal. This usually comes with a small servicing fee for the notary. They also act as witness to documents signed and remain impartial to the signing of said documents. This maintains the integrity of the notary public and customers using this service.

What’s So Important About Being a Location for Notaries?

Simple. It saves customers time and energy in getting assistance with Notarizing paperwork. Now, you have a dedicated location that’s easy to find and recognize. Also, most notary businesses close around 5pm, whereas our business stays later. So now you have a means to get the paperwork notarized when you need it.

Is That the Only Service You Offer?

It is not. We are a pawn shop with used items for sale. We then expanded into the title loan industry thanks to our partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, LLC. Now we also wish to offer notary public service Mesa residents can depend on when they need it. To do that, we have to make ourselves known as an ideal candidate for this trust. Visit our store and have the needed paperwork notarized today!