Pawn Estate Jewelry for Cash at Alma School Pawn & Gold!

Pawn Estate Jewelry Mesa

It’s never been easier to pawn estate jewelry in Mesa, Arizona than it is right now at our conveniently location at Alma School Pawn & Gold. Our central location allows us to extend our service to everyone in and around the Mesa area.  Even old vintage pieces can still retain significant value, especially if the heirlooms have paperwork or certificates of authenticity.  Making even more cash available to pawn estate jewelry, if need be.

The advantage to pawn estate jewelry rather than sell it, is many have no desire to relinquish the jewelry they adore, even if you are really needing cash.  And a pawn loan provides the ability to utilize your jewelry’s value, get the cash you need and then have 90 days to pay off the loan, and retrieve your jewelry once that is done.

Repaying the Loan When You Pawn Estate Jewelry

Pawn Estate Jewelry and get cash from a short term loan at Alma School Pawn & GoldPawn loan agreements are set up to cover a period of 90 days.  As long as your loan is paid off in full (including interest), you can retrieve your jewelry, and be on your way.

Which means that you can choose to make payments throughout the 90 days, to make it easier to pay off the loan.  Or you can pay off the loan in one lump sum, at any time during the contract, and retrieve your jewelry.

There are never any fees or penalties incurred for early payment when you pawn estate jewelry.  In fact, if you satisfy the loan in full before the 60th day of the contract, we will deduct or redeem a discount from the total amount due.  Thus, costing you less out of your pocket for retrieving your jewelry so early.

Alma School Pawn & Gold also recognizes that there might be difficulty paying off the loan within the 90 day contract.  If this is the case, we can work with you if you so choose.  By paying only the interest accrued on the loan, we can rewrite the contract for another 90 days.  Furthermore, we can do this as many times as you may need.  Or you can opt to give up your jewelry to our store, and you will no longer have an obligation to the loan or the store.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum Jewelry is All Accepted!

With a touchstone and our screening we verify purity before we make a cash offer to pawn estate jewelry at Alma School Pawn & GoldWe can accept a very wide variety of jewelry in your estate collection, and we’re especially interested in diamonds, watches, rings, bracelets, pendants, gemstones, earrings and designer jewelry.  Whether your jewelry is created from platinum, gold or silver, our pawnbroker will quickly assess its value, and present our cash offer to you.

And, how do we come to our cash offers?  Simple!  First we find the discreet hallmark stamp, that notes how pure the precious metal is.  Next, our pawnbroker will retrieve a sample of flakes to test.  This will not affect your jewelry’s aesthetic appeal, and will keep it safe during the acid drop test.  Once the purity is confirmed, the jewelry is weighed and the current spot price is noted, to determine our cash offer.

If there are any diamond settings in the jewelry, the diamonds will be assessed separately, and both assessments will be added together to make you the best offer possible.

This entire process is done right there in the pawn shop and within your sight for you to see.  Because to us transparency is important, so our customers know they can trust us as their cash lender.

Alma School Pawn & Gold is where Mesa residents go to receive the most cash possible when you pawn estate jewelry for a 90 day loan.