The Jewelry Buyer Mesa Knows Has the Best Cash Offers

Alma School Pawn & Gold offers the most cash possible as your Jewelry Buyer MesaAt Alma School Pawn & Gold we are always looking to buy jewelry, of any kind, all shapes and sizes.  We buy all kinds of jewelry including rings, chains, earrings, watches, diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum.  And not only do we buy it, we offer the most cash possible, as the Jewelry Buyer Mesa residents well know.

How can we make this claim?  Easily!  Because our experienced pawnbrokers are well prepared to assess your jewelry in a fast and efficient manner.  In the end, we rely on the spot price and weight of the precious metal it is made of.  This equates to more cash in your pocket.

Let’s Walk Through the Assessment

The spot price helps determine your cash offer at Alma School Pawn & GoldAs a jewelry buyer Mesa residents can rely on, we want you to know how we calculate our cash offers.  Therefore, let’s get to it.

When you come in and present your pawnbroker with your jewelry, they will first test it with a magnet.  This insures that it is a precious metal, and not just gold plated.  After that, they will locate the hidden hallmark stamp and not the karat (aka purity) it is struck with.  Next, they will procure flakes to test with a touchstone, to verify the precious metal’s purity.  In the end, they will weigh it to the milligram and refer to the market spot price, and present our offer to you.

Diamond Settings

Alma School Pawn & Gold - the valued Jewelry Buyer MesaAs your jewelry buyer Mesa residents, if there is a diamond setting, they will be assessed separately.  Beginning with our Adamas Diamond and Moissanite Tester by Presidium, to verify it is genuine.  After that, they will examine it, based on the 4 C’s of Diamonds: carat, cut, color and clarity.  As a result, our pawnbroker will refer to the current resale value of the diamonds and combine both assessments together to present a cash offer.

Accepting Our Cash Offer

If our offer is accepted, we will just need to verify your identity with your valid Driver’s License and you to sign the bill of sale.  After that, they will count out the offer in cash and hand it directly to you.

Yes.  It is that easy.  And the whole process takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish at Alma School Pawn & Gold.

Why Choose Alma School Pawn, to Be My Premier Jewelry Buyer?

Alma School Pawn and Gold - Your Jewelry Buyer MesaIf you live somewhere in or around Mesa, Arizona, it will definitely be worth your while to gather up all the jewelry you are looking to sell, and bring it into our pawn shop. Why?  First, we provide fair and free evaluations on all jewelry brought to our store.  In addition, we are a jewelry buyer in Mesa, Arizona with the experience and knowledge to assess your jewelry right in your presence as you wait. Most importantly, this makes the process very open, and builds confidence between you and our staff.