Sell Engagement Ring for Fast Cash Now!

sell engagement ring for fast cash at Alma School Pawn & GoldIf you’d like to sell your engagement ring in Mesa, Arizona, and are looking to get rid of it quickly, come on down to Alma School Pawn & Gold.  For more than a decade our pawnbrokers have accurately assessed jewelry and engagement rings, that have turned into the most cash possible.  Making our pawn shop the best place to sell engagement ring if you are looking to sell it fast, and have cash in your hands!

Process to Sell Diamond Ring

When you want to sell engagement ring, our pawnbroker will assess the quality of the diamond setting, as well as analyze the precious metal it is set in.  All of our assessments on diamonds and precious metals are free of charge.

To begin the analysis, our pawnbroker will use our Adamas Diamond and Moissanite Tester, made by Presidium.  Once that it is verified to be a genuine diamond,  After that, they will consider the 4 C’s of Diamonds, color, cut, clarity and carat.

We take the steps necessary to offer you the most cash possible when you sell engagement ring at Alma School Pawn & GoldNext, the pawnbroker will check the purity of the gold, silver or platinum to sell engagement ring.  That is done, by first, finding the hallmark that is discreetly placed on the ring.  Next, they will get the testing sample needed, by using a touchstone.  This does not harm your jewelry’s appearance or value.  It just provides the flakes necessary to test.  They will test the flakes, until it is determined what the purity is.  Followed by weighing your ring, and verifying the spot price.

After that, both assessments will be added together and our cash offer will be presented to you.  And, if our offer is accepted, we’ll write up the bill of sale, and hand you the offer in cash.

Our experienced pawnbrokers are prepared and equipped for you to sell engagement ring in mere minutes.  This allows you to walk into a welcoming atmosphere and feeling you now know where to go and receive a smooth and efficient experience.

Why Sell Your Engagement Ring at Alma School Pawn & Gold?

sell engagement ring today for fast cashSince October of 2011, our pawn shop has been known to offer our customers our knowledge and experience to recognize value when they see it, and equate that into a monetary .  And there is over 20 years experience combined, to know what to look for.  And that gives our cash proposals a chance to shine and negotiate how much you will accept in cash.  Because, it is always our goal at Alma School Pawn & Gold, to offer more than our competitors, and be the one that puts the cash in your hands, and a smile on your face.

While many of our competitors have a one-and-done approach to their offers and customers, we see things differently.  Therefore, many people that come in to pawn or sell engagement ring, return again and again.  Whether they need cash, or are looking to buy quality items at a price they can afford.