The Mesa Jewelry Buyer that Pays the Most!

If you’re looking to sell your jewelry in Mesa, Arizona, the first store that you should come to is our jewelry store at that location, and we feel very confident that after you’ve done business with us, you’ll end up being very glad that you did. No one else can offer you the same high prices that we can, for all of your valuable jewelry pieces, whether they are part of a huge collection that you inherited from relatives, or whether they are individual pieces which you have simply accumulated over the years.

These valuable items should not be ignored and go totally unused, and they should instead be appreciated by someone who intends to wear them proudly, and get the maximum amount of use out of them. They might even be items which you still are very attached to sentimentally, but which you feel you simply must dispose of, in order to generate the cash you need to get past some financial crisis that you find yourself in currently. Whatever the case may be, we can help you out by putting the most amount of cash in your hands very quickly, relative to the true value of your jewelry pieces.

Wherever you may happen to live in the area, for instance in any of the nearby communities like Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, or Apache Junction, it will definitely be to your advantage to gather up all your valuable jewelry items, and bring them to our store for an honest and fair assessment. Right while you are watching, our in-house jewelry expert will weigh and test each piece to verify its authenticity and evaluate its worth on the current market. The value that your jewelry has to others is a big factor in determining how much we can afford to offer you, and once we figure that out, we can ensure that you receive a satisfactory cash payout very quickly.

Turn Any Jewelry into Fast Cash in Mesa

We are interested in many different types of jewelry, and the only real prerequisite is that it must have value to others, and that you must currently be the sole owner of all the individual pieces. We will be glad to accept your earrings, pendants, watches, gemstones, chains, rings, bracelets, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, gold, silver, platinum, and almost any other kind of jewelry which has value. You can call our store if you like, to get some kind of idea about potential payouts for your items, but the only way we can be completely accurate in determining how much cash we can give you, is when you make a personal visit to our store and have your jewelry items thoroughly evaluated and weighed. You can expect not only the maximum payout for your valuable items, but you can also anticipate the best possible customer service, since we understand that good customer relations lead to repeat business and loyal customers. We want all your jewelry selling business, both now and in the future!

All Jewelry is As Good As Cash!

The beauty here at Alma School Pawn and Gold is our ability to get you cash for all jewelry.  We pay the highest in the Mesa area, so let us be your jewelry buyer!  Here’s a brief look at all the kinds of jewelry we’re happy to take.