Pawn Engagement/Wedding Ring at Alma School Pawn & GoldPawn Engagement/Wedding Ring for Cash

If you are needing a large stack of cash temporarily, Alma School Pawn & Gold can help.  Among the many valuables that we outright buy or offer pawn loans on, jewelry can get you a lot of cash.  Out of your collection though, the best source for cash can come when you pawn engagement/wedding ring.

And we are the leaders when it comes to offering the most cash possible from accurate appraisals!  Because our pawn shop assesses your rings or ring set free of charge, that lead to our amazing offers.  In addition, during the loan, we keep your belongings safe and secure until you come in to pay the loan in full.  As a result, we will hand you back your ring set the very same day.  So, come on in and see what Alma School Pawn & Gold has to offer you!

Assessment to Pawn Engagement/Wedding Ring

To get an offer presenting the most cash possible, an engagement ring is going to need to be assessed.  At Alma School Pawn & Gold, we will provide a free assessment of your ring(s).  In addition, if there are diamonds settings, they will be assessed separately and free of charge as well.  Let’s walk through the process of our assessments of rings.

Valuation of the Ring

Pawn Engagement/Wedding Ring - Platinum Ring Hallmark of PurityTo determine the value of the ring correctly, our store follows the guide lines of as jewelry stores.  First, we will find the hidden stamp, aka hallmark, marking what the purity of the ring is supposed to be.  After that, we will take a touchstone to retrieve flakes to test.  (To clarify, this does not harm or affect your ring in any way, or lessen its value.)  The flakes are tested with acid drops to verify if the hallmark is correct.

Once the purity is confirmed of the gold, platinum or silver ring, it will be placed on the scale to weigh.  Finally, with the weight and purity noted, our associate will check the current spot price of the precious metal.  Therefore, the calculation of the ring’s precious metal value is completed, and we will continue to value the diamonds to pawn engagement/wedding ring for cash.

Valuation of the Diamond

Pawn Engagement/Wedding Rings at Alma School PawnThere is a grading scale for diamonds that is used world wide.  Its creation was founded at GIA (aka the Gemological Institute of America), which focuses on the education and research of precious gems.  This valuation of diamonds is referred to as the 4 C’s.  Each of the four consider different aspects of the diamonds that affect their value…

  1. Cut – The cut of a diamond is not the actual shape, but the cut of the facets of the diamonds.  Therefore, the better the cut, the more brilliance is seen by the shimmering of light the diamond reflects off the facets.
  2. Carat – The carat represents the weight and size of the diamond itself.
  3. Color – Many of us think of diamonds as having no color, but that is not true.  There is variety of color or hue that a diamond can have.  Although, even though they are the most rare, there are actually clear diamonds.
  4. Clarity – From the earth’s heat and pressure within that create diamonds, there are internal imperfections called “inclusions”, and the external ones are known as “blemishes”. The less of these two characteristics found in a diamond, the better the clarity.

After these four aspects are inspected, and the current market value of a similar diamond, we will add both assessments together to present the best cash offer possible to pawn engagement/wedding ring to our store.

Our Policies When You Pawn Engagement/Wedding Ring

Pawn Engagement/Wedding Ring When you pawn engagement/wedding ring the loans are for a total of 90 days.  During the time of your loan, we keep your engagement/wedding rings lock in our safe until your return.  Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to pay the loan in full at any time within those 90 days.  However, if you satisfy the loan prior to the 60th day, we will deduct a redemption discount from the total, and lessen the overall payout to pay off the loan.

In addition, Alma School Pawn & Gold can help if you need more time.  So consequently, with paying only the interest that has accrued to date, we can rewrite the loan for another 90 days.

Pawn Shop Mesa Relies On

Our pawn shop continues to be the leader of cash offers to Mesa residents.  For about a decade, we have provided Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and surrounding residents a way to get fast cash!  Come on down and see what Alma School Pawn & Gold has to offer you when you pawn engagement/wedding ring for a cash loan!