We Have Pawn Loans in Mesa, Arizona

Pawn Loans Mesa

If you need fast cash to cover a temporary shortfall in your finances, our pawn shop store in Mesa, Arizona is the place to turn to. As a licensed pawnbroker and a proud member of the Mesa community, we do our best to advance you the cash you need on almost any item of value that you may have laying around the house.

The 2 requirements are:

  1. that you must be the sole legal owner of the item of value.
  2. That whatever it is, it is in good working order, and retains a viable resale value.

Get the Best Offers for Pawn Loans in Mesa Quickly

It can be a very quick process once you make an in-person visit to our store, because we have all the in-house expertise needed to make an accurate appraisal of any items that you bring us. For some items, such as jewelry pieces containing precious metal, valuable antique coins, or bullion, we also consult the New York spot market for the current prices of various precious metals, since those prices can change fairly quickly and significantly. Consulting these sources, we will then weigh or test your items of value and attempt to determine authenticity, so if you have any kind of paperwork or documentation regarding the authenticity of your valuables, by all means bring them along when you visit us, so it can expedite the whole process.

A partial list of the items we accept includes individual pieces of jewelry, estate jewelry, diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, designer watches, works of art, vehicles, coins and stamps, and electronic devices such as flat screen TVs, desktop PCs, notebooks, laptops, and cellphones. In short, we can advance you a loan based on almost anything which can be used as collateral to secure the loan. You will always receive the highest prices by coming directly to us rather than other pawnbrokers, or by trying to sell them on eBay and other online sites. There are really no items too big or too small for us to handle, and the amount we can advance you will depend on the total value of all the items you bring to us.

How Does Getting Pawn Loans in Mesa, Arizona Work?

Once we have determined the fair market value for your pawned items, we will write up an agreement with you that will cover a three-month period.  During that time you will make payments on both the principle and the interest.  This will steadily lower your outstanding balance toward zero. If you have regularly made your required payments, at the end of that time you will again resume ownership of all your valuable items.  Therefore, you will be eligible for pawning other items with us in the future.

If it should happen that you are unable to pay the entire amount on any of the monthly payments, you can keep your agreement with us in good standing simply by paying on the interest, and resuming principle payments when your budget allows. We try to be as flexible and as accommodating as possible to all our loyal customers, and we would like you to become part of our growing family of satisfied clients.

Items We Take for Pawn Loans in Mesa, Arizona

Even if you don’t find your item on this list, Alma School Pawn and Gold can bet you that you can still get cash for it.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide cash on just about any and all items.  The beauty in a pawn loan is that our ability to give you cash is dependent on what item you have, so if it has value you can bet that we can get you fast cash.  Come visit us in Mesa!