Cell Phone Loan in Mesa, Arizona

Cell Phone Loan at Alma School Pawn and Gold

If you’ve had your smartphone for a while, you may not think it has much value remaining in it; that no one else would have any use for it. That simply isn’t true. Your old cell phone will definitely have value to us, and if you need to get some cash quickly, why not arrange a cell phone loan in Mesa, Arizona at our pawn shop store? Even if your phone is considered a previous generation, it may still have significant value that you can use as collateral in arranging a cell phone loan through our pawn shop store.

What Phones Do You Accept?

We accept almost any kind of smartphone that you may have laying around, including iPhones, Sprint, Verizon, Nokia, T-Mobile, AT&T, ZTE, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, and a whole catalog of other names. The point is that you won’t know how much value your cell phone really has in terms of getting a cash payout, until you bring it into our pawn shop store in Mesa, Arizona and have it assessed for its current market value.

You can rest assured that we will try to put the most amount of money in your hands that we possibly can, although of course that will depend on your phone’s condition, the manufacturer, and the current market value for those particular phone types.

The cell phone loan that you arrange with us will generally last for a duration of three months, and in that time, you would only be required to pay at least the interest amount on that loan in order to keep it in good standing.

Should I Pay Off Cell Phone Loan All at Once or in Steady Increments?

You have 90 days to pay your cell phone loan, including interest and retrieve your phone.However, you would ideally want to pay on both interest and principle, so that you are steadily progressing toward paying off the loan completely. If you don’t have a smartphone with any real value to it, we may still be able to advance you the cash you need for other electronic devices that you have laying around the house, and which you are not getting much use from.

Whatever kinds of electronic devices you do bring to us to use as collateral, we can always offer you a higher amount, if you bring along any accessories that were included on the original sale. We also ask that you be the sole legal owner of any electronic devices or other valuable assets which you bring to us, so there are no ownership disputes about items being pawned. We aim to be your one-stop shop when it comes to generating cash for your items of value.