Mesa’s Number One Pawn Shop

Best Pawn Shop Mesa AZ

How do you get to be the best pawn shop in Mesa, Arizona, and why do we consider ourselves the owners of that illustrious designation? There are actually a few reasons, and when taken altogether, we feel strongly that it makes us biggest and best in the area. The first thing that makes us such a great pawn store is that we are so willing to accommodate and to work with clients and to provide them with the cash payouts they need. Part of this means that we are willing to accept almost anything that has value, and which we would be able to sell to someone else who needs that item. In fact, our basic criteria for accepting items of value are that you must be the legal owner of any item or items which you bring to us for sale or for pawning, and of course there must be sufficient value in the item that we are able to make a small profit after selling it to someone else.

What is the Pawn Loan Process for Alma School Pawn?

When we are trying to determine value of an item, we take several factors into account, starting with any kind of documentation or paperwork you can provide us about its authenticity and original value. This is not always possible of course, especially in situations where jewelry or other valuables are inherited from relatives, and little or no paperwork is passed on. In those situations, we have in-house experts who are able to test your valuables and weigh them for content, and achieve an accurate appraisal of current market value. In the case of precious metals, we also consult the New York spot market to determine the up-to-the-minute market price of such metals as gold, silver, and platinum. So rest assured, that the true value of any item you bring to us will be accurately calculated, and that you will be given the biggest possible payout for it.

Cash for Almost Everything in Minutes! That’s Why We’re the Best Pawn Shop!

Our flexibility is another thing that makes us stand out from the crowd, and for most items we can extend to you the option of either selling it outright to us, or setting it up on a pawn contract basis where you relinquish temporary ownership for the duration of the pawn contract, which is three months. By Arizona state law, you can keep your pawn contract in good standing as long as you pay on the interest each month, but of course you will, at some point need to pay down on the balance of the principle, so that you can eventually redeem your items of value and resume ownership.

Anything Else Unique to Make Alma School Pawn the Best Pawn Shop?

What’s unique about our Mesa pawn shop is that we can make cash loans on anything and everything of value.  We don’t believe that you should have to liquidate your life to make ends meet, and instead should have the option to turn your assets into cash if only temporarily.  No matter what the item is — electronics, jewelry, televisions, bicycles, even art, we can loan you money on it.  If you have something you know is valuable, then reach out to us for your cash loan today.  With our live chat available most hours of most days, we can appraise and give you an actual quote on the item before you even arrive to our pawn shop.

Anything Else We Should Know That Makes You the Best Pawn Shop?

The last component of our claim to be the best pawn shop is evidenced by the cheerful and accommodating customer service that we extend to every single individual that walks through our doors. We go out of our way to make everyone feel welcome, and to come as close as possible to accommodating their wishes. We know are doing a good job of it, because we have so many repeat clients – and we would like to invite you to join our growing family of loyal customers.