Mesa’s Friendly Pawn Shop: Alma School Pawn and Gold!

Pawn Shops have been known as the first major business system since the creation of barter. Since that time, they were the first business ventures to be carried out throughout the world. Fast forward to the modern day, the pawning industry can be seen throughout most of the Southwestern United States. Some come and go, and then, there’s the stable ones, such as Alma School Pawn and Gold.

Pawn Your Gold in Mesa, Arizona - Alma School Pawn and Gold - Pawn Shop

Pawn shops have been a staple throughout history, providing ways for ordinary citizens to get cash loans whenever they needed it.  In the absence of banks and large financial institutions, getting cash loans was something not available to the ordinary man, but how could the loan originator be confident that he was going to see his precious cash returned?  Collateral loans, otherwise known today as pawn loans, securing your investment through the holding of valuable items that you can liquidate in the case of nonpayment.  Today, pawn shops operate in the same fashion allowing you to turn your items into fast cash without having to sell them off yourself.  This allows you the opportunity to hold on to your valuable items like electronics, gold, and jewelry while still meeting your financial needs.

Mesa’s Pawn Shop

One of the aspects in becoming a successful business model is that we have become Mesa’s Pawn Shop. To do that, we have to keep our staff well aware of trends happening in the city today. We also have to make sure we are hiring locals to Alma School Pawn. No point in being a local business if we can’t even HIRE locally. This keeps us up to date with daily life in Mesa. It also helps the community as the money presented goes to families and individuals that contribute to other local businesses.

We’ve been serving the City of Mesa for well over a decade, helping citizens out of financial disparity when nobody else seems to have their back.  While banks may sometimes be able to get you cash loans, the turn around time can be upwards of a month before you’re actually holding cold, hard cash in your hands.  At our Mesa Pawn Shop, we can turn your items into cash in a mere matter of minutes.  With only a few signatures, you can be off and on your way with hundreds of dollars in your hand.  The beauty of this is that we can get you cash on any item of value.  There’s no restrictions on what you can bring in for a cash loan, everything from electronics to jewelry to musical instruments to vehicles can get you the cash you need.

A Pawn Shop That Has Plenty of Options

Flexibility is the name of the game any business has to play. Alma School is no exception, even as a pawn shop. Naturally, we need to make sure what we can do for customers is within our capacity to do. First and foremost, we can offer loans for the basics: TV/laptops/desktop/Gold/Diamonds/etc. This is the cornerstone of any successful pawning business and we have lived by this philosophy. Also, as trends continue to grow and change, we offer similar solutions of change, such as pawning such things as cell phones, or taking in power tools, or Gaming Consoles, and even historic Native American Jewelry.

But no business can survive without the customers that visit us. That’s why we are here to give our customers the best loan-to-value for their pawn loans. The core reason we continue to have options is our way of showing our customers we’re willing to work with them if they want to do business with us. Let Alma School Pawn be the Option that’s right for customers like you!

What makes Alma School Stand out?

We’re a local pawn shop that stood the test of time itself. Over the past ten years, we have seen customers and businesses come and go. We continue to show our successful business model to this day. But we know it was because of the support of our customers that we even made it this far. That’s why we will continue to have great deals in used goods, pawn loans that match the needs of our customers, and the good sense to be Mesa’s Pawn Shop that customers can come back when they need to. Don’t believe us? Stop by our store today!