Getting Fast Cash With An Auto Title Loan in Mesa

get a title loan in Mesa, Arizona's Alma School Pawn and Gold

Plain and simple, we offer the best auto title loans in Mesa, Arizona, so if you’re thinking about using your vehicle as collateral in order to get the cash you need, don’t look any further than our shop in Mesa. We have partnered with Phoenix Title Loans, LLC to provide you with the most competitive title loans on the market, and to provide even more services to our loyal customers, whom we try to accommodate in as many ways as possible.

What is the Title Loan Process?

If you aren’t familiar with how auto title loans work, here’s the process in a nutshell. You bring your vehicle into us so we can evaluate it, and through our partner Phoenix Title Loans, we write up the contract and provide you with the highest cash amount possible. You retain the use of your vehicle and can drive it anywhere while you are paying off the terms of the loan. Ideally, you should try and pay off at least the interest every month as well as some part of the principle, so that your outstanding balance is steadily being lowered toward zero, but if you happen to be a little short for some monthly payments, you can keep the loan in good standing simply by paying the monthly interest.

How Does My Payment Plan Work?

You will of course, have the option of paying the loan off early, and in that case no prepayment penalty would be assessed. Interest rates are predetermined by Arizona state law, and we cannot interfere with those mandated amounts. If you own your vehicle free and clear, that would of course be the best scenario for obtaining a title loan, but even if you still have a few payments remaining on your auto loan, we might be able to help you by paying off your balance, and still providing with you with a cash amount that you can put to good use.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

As far as your monthly payments, you have the option of only paying off the interest each month or paying off the interest plus some principal.  The latter is highly advised to our title loan customers as the lower your principal, the lower your monthly payments and allows you to pay off the loan even faster moving forward.  Here at Alma School Pawn and Gold, we don’t believe in bleeding our customers dry.  Many Mesa title loan customers find themselves years into the loan and not having paid off any of the actual principal balance.  While we don’t force you, we strongly encourage you to through employing the lowest interest rates in town.  This gives you the flexibility of having extra cash to pay off some principal each month, or gives you extra time through allowing you to wait until you feel financially back on your feet to start paying back.

What Criteria Do you Accept For Title Loans?

We are very flexible in our acceptance criteria, and will try to work with anyone whose vehicle has value, even if you have poor credit and no visible means of employment. Although title loans are typically levied against automobiles, we may be able to work out an arrangement with you on your recreational vehicle, motorcycle, golf cart, or even your boat. We also extend title loans on valuable collectible cars, since these can also serve as collateral as well for title loans, and if you happen to have an expensive sports car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini, we can also make loans on these vehicles.

As a further demonstration of our flexibility on these auto loans, at your option we can store your vehicle on our grounds rather than leave it with you, and offer a lower rate to you as part of your agreement with us. Whatever works best for you is what we will try to accommodate, and you can be sure of receiving the very best customer service, as well as getting the most amount of cash, in the shortest possible amount of time.

What Vehicles Can Get Cash With Title Loans?

Any!  We’re one of the few in Mesa who feels like they don’t discriminate.  We can work with any kind of vehicle, including RVs and Boats, and vehicles that carry salvage titles.  We’re here to provide a financial service to our consumers and that includes making it accessible by each and every one.of them.  If you still think your situation is truly extenuating, then contact us.  Feel free to reach out to us beforehand and we can help you evaluate your options, but we can almost promise that we’ll have a solution to get you what you need.  So if you’re in Tempe, Mesa, or Phoenix, Alma School Pawn and Gold is the only place to turn.  Low monthly payments, low interest, and the highest amount of cash possible all while still being able to drive your car.