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Diamond Jewelry Buyer Mesa

Diamonds are any girl’s best friend. Diamond Jewelry, even more so. They’re ALSO the best friend of Alma School Pawn and Gold. When ever you have the need to find a Diamond Jewelry Buyer in Mesa, look no further than Alma School Pawn and Gold in Mesa.

What defines as Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond Jewelry is simply jewelry using Diamonds as the centerpiece of glamour. There is a wide assortment of diamond jewelry that is known in the fashion world: earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, brooches, you name it. Any arrangement of jewelry brought to us with authentic diamonds is welcomed in our store and we look forward to seeing your collection.  It literally just have to have a diamond in it.  When we buy diamond jewelry in Mesa, we consider each and every metric in order to hopefully get you the most amount of cash possible.  What many people don’t understand about diamond jewelry is that much of the value might not actually lie in the diamond, but in the precious metal it’s stored in instead.  Most diamond jewelry has a gold setting, and depending on the purity, the weight of this setting might actually be more valuable than the diamond.  With trained professionals on hand, we’re able to properly valuate both the precious metal and the diamond separately to ensure you’re getting the best deal available to you.

Are there specific requirements you expect as a Diamond Jewelry Buyer in Mesa?

Yes, there are. First and foremost, any diamond jewelry presented to us must be as complete as possible. Having it any less runs the risk of lowering the payout value we can offer. That saddens us when we can’t give you the most for your money. So make sure before you head out to our store that you have everything that comes with the jewelry. Second, if you have the original package and receipt, all the better. This is not a deal-breaker, but it DOES guarantee authenticity and helps the process go more smoothly. As a Diamond Jewelry Buyer in Mesa we, too, have to protect ourselves.

What if I still want my jewelry back?

Keep in mind, when we buy your jewelry, it is for keeps. You CAN, however, opt for a Diamond Loan instead. For more information in regards to this, please check out this page.

Why come to Alma School Pawn and Gold?

There’s a simple answer to this: age. This is meant to how long a business has remained open. Having been in business for over a decade proves our business model is not only successful, but reliable to the community of Mesa. With our pawn loans for various items, customers keep coming back when they need money most. Also, we’ve served customer from beyond Mesa from such sister Valley Cities like Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Avondale, Queen Creek, AJ (Apache Junction), Chandler, and more. We love to see new style of Diamond Jewelry come into our store, so don’t be shy in having us buy your precious jewelry to us.

Our employees are also expertly trained by GIA-certified professionals in the 4 C’s of diamond valuation: cut, color, clarity, and carat.  This means that our employees know what they’re doing when they inspect your diamond, and many times will often show you things that even the salesperson who sold it to you didn’t catch.  This not only maximizes the amount of fast cash you get when selling diamond jewelry, but ensures that you can be confident in working with us!