Holiday shopping tips checklist

Ah, the Holidays. ‘Tis the season for gift shopping. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday are past, getting the best deals for your buck is crucial. What if we told you there’s a better way to get your holiday shopping done. Well, the Friendly Neighborhood Pawn Shop, Alma School Pawn and Gold is here to make that possible!

Collectible Coins for the Archivists and Aggregates!

The most unique and surprising customers we receive throughout the year are the fans of collectible items. Holiday shopping for them is We have a sizable selection of collectible coins, ranging from Gold to Platinum to Silver and more. Many collectors are on the lookout for these items yet tend to overlook pawn shops. This holiday season, stop by our store and see what hidden diamonds in the rough we can sell to you. Speaking of Diamonds…

Finding Fine Jewelry For Your Loved One

Couldn’t find the right jewelry in the Fiesta Mall or nearby jewelry stores? You’ll be amazed at what we have to offer in terms of OUR selection. From Brooches to Rings, Necklaces to Bracelets, all are yours to purchase and at prices lower than most jewelers in the area. It’s not just diamond jewelry we have. We also sell gold and silver jewelry along with our diamond assortments. If Jewelry is not what your looking for, we have more to offer…

Electronics and Games For Kids to Young Adults

Every kid is looking for the latest games and consoles, or a tablet to get games for them. We have a decent selection of games and consoles. We also have plenty of DVDs and Blu-Rays to select as well. For the moviegoers, you can find a great deal to increase your collection of movies to watch at a time. Along that line, we also offer great electronics for teens and young adults. Need an HDTV? We got it. Need a computer? Good to go! Not only you get the gifts you need, but you also save money from the hassle of going to the mall or major retailer.

We Also Have Deals Just Like Traditional Retailers

Don’t be surprised if you see flyers throughout our store! Those are some deals we run during the year. Should you come into our store, we recommend taking full advantage of some of our specials. If you’re curious if we have specials running, just speak to any of our staff inside. We’ll let you know what’s the flavor of the week.

All This From a Pawn Shop for Holiday Shopping?

Yep! It’s no surprise to us when customers see our selection and marvel at the price differences. Outside of this, the only other real stigma holding customers back from buying our goods is that they are used. While many customers have reservations in getting used products, you have to wonder: are you really getting a quality product by paying more for it? Some products are known to have manufacture defects fresh out of the box. At least with our products, you can request a testing prior to purchase. This is how we’ve become trusted in the Valley Cities of Mesa, AJ, Tempe, and more. If you need holiday shopping done, Alma School Pawn and Gold is ready and waiting for you!