Hello Customers and Supporters in Mesa!

As you can see our new site has been given a change of design, but make no mistake: Alma School Pawn has kept the same standards of excellence that we uphold. But we understand that you may have some questions. Here’s a few we’ve come across:

Did your address/phone number change when the site updated?

We can proudly say “No” to that answer. Our address and phone number have not changed. However, should we experience a change in either of these we will make sure our customers will be informed as soon as possible. Our partners at Phoenix Title Loans are also with us as well, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Why did you need to change your website?

First, we needed a fresh perspective from our original site. Changing the design was a way to further express our commitment to better ourselves and our services. Also, we have received concerns from some customers that certain areas of the site would not function as intended, so to remedy the situation, we decided to update the site for better convenience. We thank you for your patience prior to this updated state.

Any other changes in the works?

Not yet. Given that we’ve recently changed the looks of the site, you can still see our store is the same as always. But rest assured, you’ll be informed when we do decide to renovate the store. We still offer the same great deals in Gold, Silver, Diamond, and other Pawn Loans. We still intend to assist customers throughout all of Mesa, so rest assured. Check out also our Facebook page as well! We’d love to hear from you, and we’ll always show our greatest items for those looking to buy them at great sale prices!