Antique Jewelry Cash Loans – Gold, Silver, and Diamonds Accepted!

Pawn Antique Jewelry at Alma School Pawn & GoldSome types of antique jewelry retain tremendous value even though they were made in bygone eras, and in some cases, they were even made for different occasions than which jewelry is now intended. The fact that such jewelry pieces have become antiques, may provide even greater value to them.

Because the passage of time has increased their rarity and the demand which collectors assign to them in today’s market. You may have some antique jewelry and not even be aware of it, laying around your household in jewelry boxes, which have long since been unattended and disregarded. If you happen to find yourself in need of generating fast cash, or if you simply want to get rid of such antique jewelry which had value to ancestors, but which you don’t personally care about, we can provide you with a solution to your situation.

Pawning Antique Jewelry Solves Financial Distress

Antique jewelry loans at Alma School Pawn & GoldYou can pawn your antique jewelry in Mesa, Arizona at Alma School Pawn & Gold and get the maximum amount of money, compared to any other store in the region, as well as the best customer service while you’re going through the transaction. We realize that you may not want to part with precious antique jewelry that your grandmother used to wear, or perhaps your great-grandmother even, so you’ll have the option of arranging for a pawn loan agreement with us, in which you would receive cash right on the spot to cover any financial need you may have. At the completion of your pawn loan agreement, you would again be able to resume ownership of your valuable family heirlooms.

Low Interest, Low Payments

Pay the loan off before the 60th day and get a redemption discount at Alma School Pawn & GoldBy paying on at least the interest accrued during the agreement with us, you could keep your contract in good standing, while deferring the bigger principle portion of a monthly installment to a later date. That of course, pushes out the eventual completion of your loan agreement with us, so ideally you would want to do that as little as possible.

You would also be able to pay more than the monthly installment agreement, so that you could reduce your outstanding balance even faster than the three-month period originally contracted for, and there would be no penalty for this early payoff at Alma School Pawn & Gold.

If you have a need to generate even more cash for some urgent reason, we can also accept any other kind of jewelry you have in your possession, even including an entire collection of estate jewelry. The only requirement for acceptance would be that you are the sole legal owner of every piece in the collection, and that you have the legal right to either pawn it or sell it to us.

Once you bring in your antique jewelry and any other pieces you wish to pawn, they will each be fairly and honestly assessed by our in-house pawnbroker, and you will be given the maximum possible payout for all your valuable items. We promise to put the most amount of cash in your hands of any pawn shop store in the region, because our aim is to become your one-stop pawn shop in the state of Arizona.