Pawn Native American Jewelry at Alma School Pawn and Gold!

Native American jewelry is made with tender loving care by native hands, in an unhurried and painstaking fashion which lends great value to each finished piece. There are so few things today which are handmade, and which are true expressions of artistry by the individual who undertakes their manufacture. We live in a time where mass production is the norm and craftsmanship is the exception, so that’s why Native American jewelry has such value in today’s culture. If you happen to own some Native American jewelry, either because you are a Native American yourself, or because you have purchased some in the past from craftsman in the area, you can generate some fast cash for yourself by bringing your valuable pieces into us.

You can pawn your Arizona Native American jewelry in Mesa, Arizona at our pawn shop store and receive the maximum payout possible for each piece you bring to us. If you’d rather not sell your Native American jewelry outright, you can still receive a cash payout to cover any kind of money shortage you’re experiencing, by arranging for a 90-day pawn loan agreement with us. After our in-house expert appraises each piece in the collection you bring us, we’ll be able to provide you with cash right on the spot, to help you through whatever financial difficulty you may be experiencing. In a pawn loan agreement such as this, you’d be responsible for making monthly installment payments, after which you would again resume ownership of your valuable Native American jewelry.

What if Payments Become Too Expensive to Maintain?

We understand that sometimes it becomes necessary to pay a lesser amount, because of your budget constraints, so we accommodate such situations by accepting an interest-only payment for any months which you are having difficulty. The principle amount which is due each month can be deferred to a later date, although such deferrals prolong the term for which your Native American jewelry remains in our safe and secure inventory, rather than with you at home. However, once you do pay down your outstanding balance completely, you’ll receive all your valuable jewelry once again, and you’ll be free to enter into additional such pawn loan agreements with us at any time.

We are conveniently located in Mesa, Arizona, so that it’s very easy for you to reach us from such communities as Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale, and even big-city Phoenix, to bring your valuable pieces in for appraisal. If you happen to have non-Native American jewelry as well, we would be glad to assess that for you and provide you with a big cash payout, based on the fair market value of your traditional jewelry. We can also accept a broad range of electronic devices such as desktop PCs, notebooks, iPads, laptops, smart watches, cell phones, appliances big and small, power tools, coins and stamps, and many other items as well. If you have any question about whether or not your items have value to us, please feel free to give us a call at our pawn shop store in Mesa, Arizona and receive a free quote on your items of value.