Collector Car Title Loan in Mesa, Arizona

Collector Car Title Loan

Do you have a valuable collector car in your possession, that you would consider using as collateral to obtain money you need to get past a difficult financial period? If so, your best option is to bring your collectible car down to our shop for evaluation, and apply for a collector car title loan in Mesa, Arizona. Of course, you don’t have to be an actual Mesa resident to do this – we’ll be happy to welcome all our friends and neighbors from the surrounding region, including Apache Junction, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, and Tempe, as well as all the other towns and small cities in the region.

Are you Looking for Specific Brands/Models?

Whatever kind of collectible car you bring us, we can promise you that you will be dealt with fairly and with all the respect and attention that a valued client is entitled to. Even if you have a top-of-the-line, extremely expensive collector car like a Lotus, Lamborghini, or Ferrari, we can still provide you with the maximum amount of money possible, based on current market prices. After your collectible car is assessed by our in-house expert, we can put the maximum amount of money right in your hands, and a loan agreement can be written up quickly, so that the whole process is as hassle-free and smooth as possible.

Under the terms of such an agreement, you would have three months to pay off the collector car title loan, and at the end of that time if you have made all your payments successfully, you would again resume ownership of your collectible. If you have difficulty with any monthly payment, you would be able to keep the loan in good standing, simply by paying the interest portion of the monthly installment. All of our auto title loans are arranged through our partner company, Phoenix Title Loans, LLC, from whom you can expect the fairest rates in the business for auto title loans.

Is it Required I Store the Vehicle With You While the Collector Car Title Loan is in Effect?

One of the big advantages of arranging for a collector car title pawn loan such as this is that at your option, you can retain ownership of the vehicle and the full use of it, even while you are paying off the loan. However, you would receive a lower rate on the loan if you opted to store the vehicle on our safe and secure lot, since that would represent a lower risk scenario for ourselves and our partner company.

We can also finance an entire collection of vintage cars if you have an urgent need to raise a larger sum of money, and again you would receive the maximum amount of money possible based on current market value. In addition to vintage cars and other collectibles, we can provide similar title loans on other vehicles such as trailers, boats, jet-skis, golf carts, and even more. To find out what kind of value your vehicle might have in terms of a title pawn loan, give us a call at our Mesa, Arizona shop, and then bring it on in for an accurate and fair evaluation.