Diamond Loan in Mesa, Arizona

Diamond a plenty can be pawned at Alma School Pawn and Gold - Diamond Loan

Where should you go for a diamond loan in Mesa, Arizona? The answer of course, is right here at our diamond pawn shop store, Alma School Pawn and Gold. We don’t just service the good citizens of Mesa, Arizona; we’re very happy to welcome our good neighbors from all the surrounding communities like Gilbert, Apache Junction, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Chandler as well. The reason you should come to us before driving to any other pawn shop in the region, is that you will always receive the highest possible payout for your diamond valuables right here from us, and you can also expect to be given superior customer service and respect throughout the process.

We like to think of ourselves as not being so much in the pawn business, but being in the customer service business, and for every person who walks through our doors, we go out of our way to prove that. When you bring in your valuable diamond items to our shop, we will have our expert jeweler carefully examine each piece for authenticity and value, then we’ll be able to put the most amount of money in your hands right on the spot, whether you prefer to sell your diamond pieces outright, or whether you simply want to obtain a diamond loan for immediate cash, and resume ownership after paying off the loan.

What Items are Acceptable For a Diamond Loan?

We can accept all kinds of diamond jewelry, including diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond wedding rings, diamond bracelets, and of course, loose diamonds. No matter what type of diamonds you may have, we will be happy to accept them regardless of their color, clarity, cut, or karat content. If you decide that a diamond loan in Mesa, Arizona is the arrangement that works best for you, we will secure your diamond pieces in a high-security vault on our premises, so your valuables will be kept safe until you are prepared to resume full ownership after the loan payment.

How Long is The Diamond Loan Good For?

When we set up a diamond loan with you, the duration of that loan is established at 90 days, and you would pay on the interest and principle each month to steadily lower your outstanding balance. If you are unable to make a full payment at any time, you can still keep the loan in good standing by simply paying on the interest amount for that month, and the principle can be caught up later on. If need be, the loan can be extended an additional 90 days to provide some measure of financial relief for you, if that is beneficial. Otherwise, your regular monthly payments will have the loan paid off after 90 days, and you will again take possession of your diamond valuables at that time. If you happen to have other stones in your possession, such as sapphires, opals, jade, pearls, or rubies, we may be interested in those gemstones as well, and you should definitely bring them in for an accurate and fair appraisal.