Our Social Outreach: Facebook and Google+

Sometimes our site alone isn’t enough to reach the people that we serve. After all, a single website can only do but so much to get an audience. We would need some social outreach. Fortunately, Alma School Pawn has some means to help customers get in touch with us. If you have trouble contacting us directly, use our Social Outreach: Facebook and Google+.

Social Outreach For the Facebook Followers

We first begin with Facebook. As this is the most common used platform, we wanted to make sure we had a place here too. Our Facebook username is @almaschoolpawn, and of course, we have a Facebook URL of the same name: https://www.facebook.com/almaschoolpawn/. Here you can get a little presentation of what we sell in our store. Sometimes we offer video of our store or items for sale, so keep in mind if you want to see a viewing of our wares without the need to travel to us just yet, this is one way to make it happen.

Yes, Google+ still works as Social Outreach!

While not as well known as Facebook, you can’t deny the ease of access to Google’s own social outreach service, Google+. In fact, here is the URL for our storefront on that platform: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Almaschoolpawn. We encourage our customers to check out this for more in depth of particular items we have for sale that’s not on Facebook. It’s here we showcase our jewelry, games, and other miscellaneous products for sale. It’s also a more personal touch to our customers in that we can respond to them in case they are not comfortable to do so on Facebook.

Are You Planning More Social Outreach?

Of Course, but before we do, we need to have a strong outreach with our current options. And to do that, we also need interaction from our customers. They let us know what they should want for our store to be a more Friendly Neighborhood store. While we have done our best to offer our finest services for the past decade, we can always strive for better service. That’s why customers from as far as Phoenix, Scottsdale, and even Avondale and Glendale can come to our store in Mesa. That’s how you can rely on Alma School Pawn and Gold!