Want to enjoy the NBA Finals in Style? Alma School Pawn Can Help!

We have another NBA Championship this summer and ALREADY it’s getting a lot of hype. Some of it, good. Others, not so much. But one thing is certain: You want to enjoy the games in style! Alma School Pawn knows how you feel, and we have ways to help you out.

Try our Pawn Loans for Extra Party Money to Celebrate the NBA Finals!

Naturally, we are a pawn shop, so our best option for NBA fans is to get a pawn loan from our store. If you have items you want to pawn with us, contact us, and we’ll let you know if we take those types of items in. If you like what we offer, bring it to our store and we’ll offer a pawn loan for it. Should you like what we offer, just let us finalize the deal with some paperwork and you get that cash on hand. Just to remind you though, the loan lasts for 90 days, so make sure you pay it back; but if you don’t want to do that, just let us know and we’ll just use the item you gave us for the loan. After all, you’re looking to get your NBA Finals party to full swing as soon as possible!

WE Buy What You Own, You Get Cash For Your Party Needs!

Don’t feel comfortable in getting a loan? Just have us buy the items instead! It’s a no mess, no fuss deal. Bring it in, we offer some money for it, if you like our offer we give you cash! We know you don’t want to miss a single game so we understand the need to be quick about it. That said, there’s one thing we must stress the importance of: only bring items you are WILLING to part with. Once we finish the transaction, the items are OURS. If you want them back, you must pay our marked price for them.

Don’t Forget To Buy A TV For The Game!

Did we forget to mention that we’re a shop? Sometimes when we focus on having customers trust our pawn loans, we tend to overlook that we also sell great items too. Maybe you need a new TV for the game or upgrade from your older model? No matter the reason, we have what you need here. Check our selection of Televisions, as we have plenty in stock. If that’s not your thing, we also offer laptops and computers for you to stream the experience. Finally, we have some used cell phones capable of streaming as well! How you watch the game is up to you; just know we have the tools to make it work.

So That’s Alma School’s Passion For the Game?

Indeed it is. But it’s not just the NBA Finals we focus on. Any sport, any season, any time you need money or better items at better prices, we can help out. For the past decade we have given out pawn loans and bought goods from our customers when other places couldn’t. We also have incredible sales that keep bringing back customers time and time again. So come to the Friendly Neighborhood Pawn Shop that’s a trusted business for customers in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Avondale, Glendale, Casa Grande, and even Chandler and Queen Creek. Alma School Pawn and Gold is waiting for you!