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Each of these precious metals, have their own attributes, and are utilized to help us in our every day lives.

Our Most Valuable Precious Metals Have Multiple Uses

Throughout history, metals and jewels have fluctuated in value depending on their use by the cultures that prize them.  As a result, many metals have high value because they are used as currency or fashioned into gorgeous jewelry.  Sometimes the value is derived from their rarity.  Read on to learn more about the most valuable precious metals in the world.

Platinumplatinum being used in multiple forms... jewelry, troy ounces and coins <ima>

15 times rarer than gold, platinum is a popular choice for jewelry such as engagement rings and wedding bands.  Most importantly, this metal is prized for its malleability (ability to shape it) and its resistance to corrosion. This combination of durability, functionality, and rarity makes platinum a valuable metal. Major suppliers of platinum include Russia, South Africa, and Canada.


Gold is used in everything from currency to electronics. Buried with the pharaohs and sought after by kings and empires, gold has become synonymous with wealth. In addition, it is another functional metal that is malleable and has good conductivity. Apart from jewelry, gold is a popular choice for coins. The United States, Australia, South Africa, and China are all major suppliers of the world’s gold.

Rhodiumone of the most valuable precious metals can be found in your ink well. <image>

This silvery-white metal is reflective and commonly used to make objects like jewelry, mirrors or cars look shiny. In 1979, Guinness World Records presented Sir Paul McCartney with a rhodium-plated disc.  It was made to honor his status as the all-time best-selling artist and songwriter. As a result, it is one of the flashier precious metals and is mined in Canada, South Africa, and Russia.


In terms of popularity, silver is second only to gold.  Although, its value is not as high as gold is.  Which makes it more economical for more to use and buy. This attractive metal is frequently used to make coins and jewelry. It is also an important metal in dentistry. The countries rich in silver include Mexico, China, Peru, and Chile.

IridiumIridium falling to the earth, inside our atmosphere <ima>

Iridium is another member of the platinum family of metals. Meteors and asteroids have high levels of iridium. In addition, it is believed that a layer of iridium in the earth’s sediment proves that an asteroid collided with earth millions of years ago. Today, iridium is valued for use in the tips of fountain pens, fine jewelry, watches, and cars. Iridium is also used in the gamma radiation treatment of cancer. Furthermore, this metal is plentiful in South Africa.

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