We Also Provide Notary Services Too!

As we continue to provide additional ways to serve our customer base, one thing comes to mind: having notarized documents. This is important for having legal documents that they have been read and signed properly, along with being witnessed by a notary public. This fraud deterrent helps prevent people from abusing and forging documents to serve their own personal interest. Not all places can provide the notary public services when customers need them, but Alma School Pawn is here to say “Yes, we will provide notary public services to you!”

A Pawn Shop Offers Notary Public Services?

That is correct. Aside from our standard pawn loans, and selling of used merchandise, we also provide notary public services too. Alma School Pawn realized that there are customers out there needing legal documents done for them. And while they could go to other locations, it would make more sense to come to a place they know that would aid them in this endeavor. That said, it’s not like we can just take any document and notarize it at the drop of a hat. We would need to know the reason behind such notarization, as well as a small notary fee to be paid for use of the service. This ensures all parties involved are handling the situation fairly.

How Do You Get Notary Public Services There?

Simply visit our store and request a notary with your documents. Make sure you have all documents that need to be notarized. The reason for this is we charge per document requiring notary public services. The fee itself is small, but it’s not based per transaction; it’s per document. That means it can add up. Fast. Please keep that in mind when you consider our services.

Is that all Alma School Offers?

Naturally, it is not. We are a pawn shop, and we offer multiple service that focus on pawn loans. If you have items of loan-to-value, we’ll give you the cash for those items via our pawn loans. We also sell used merchandise such as power tools, TVs, gaming consoles, and more! Just stop by and we’ll help you either way, be it pawn loans, used merchandise, or notary public services. We’ll see you there!