Simple Ways To Raise Money

Feeling the strain of low funds is hardly an uncommon occurrence and for the many of us that have been, or are currently suffering this strain, we are undoubtedly aware of just how much of a stressful situation it truly is. While instant payday loans may be available in a financial emergency, finding money when we have a very little may not seem so simple. Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways to raise money and we’ve pulled together a few to help get you started.


Crowdfunding is a method of raising money online that uses the power of social media and the support of your family and friends to help you raise the money that you need. This method has been used for everything from charity, to funding start-up projects and yes, you guessed it, personal finance. While personal finance crowdfunding isn’t the most common, the support of your friends and family can’t be underestimated. With websites such as GoFundMe and JustGiving, you can create your fundraising page, upload relevant photos and videos that explain your cause, and then through sharing the page to your social media accounts, you can spread awareness and hopefully raise a little cash!

Sell, Sell, Sell!

We all have things we don’t need, and everybody has something that they want, so what are the chances that someone, somewhere will want the thing that you don’t need? From clothes that no longer fit, to tech that you bought on a whim but hasn’t even seen the light of day since, there is likely to be plenty in your home that you can sell, so why not give it a try? Similarly, you could try and craft something to sell. Whether it’s something as simple as a bake sale, or you have a hobby (card crafting, jewellery making etc.) you can make use of your skills and sell some goods to raise a little extra cash!

Do Something Extreme

While this one is undoubtedly better for charity causes, doing something extreme could be a great way to raise a little cash. Skydiving, mountain climbing and abseiling are common ‘extremes’ that are used in the case of money sponsorship, but you could try something a little smaller in scale for a personal cause. You could even split the funds so half does go to charity, but make sure to be clear from the start where the sponsorship money will be going.

Complete A Few Tasks

Sites such as TaskRabbit or Amazon Mechanical Turk are great ways to earn a little extra cash by completing tasks that will become available on the site. Amazon Mechanical Turk offers cash to users for completing a range of tasks from the likes of image or video processing, to data verification, processing or information gathering. There is something for every skillset, so it’s worth signing up for! TaskRabbit, however, offers a physical alternative in a similar manner. For example, you can sign up to the site and someone may require a handyman to fix a sink or put together a bookcase. Have the skills required? Then you’re in luck.

There are several ways to raise the extra money you may need every month, from crowdfunding when things gets especially tough, to selling unneeded clutter or even completing tasks online. Whatever your need for cash, follow our tips and you’ll be well on your way to raising those funds!