Estate jewelry buyer in Mesa, Arizona

Estate Jewelry Buyer Mesa

If you’re not familiar with what estate jewelry is, it’s commonly considered to be those items of jewelry made in previous eras and owned by prior owners, who are often ancestors of the present owners, and wore those jewelry items long ago. Also called antique jewelry or vintage jewelry, estate jewelry can be acquired by enthusiasts of estate sales and estate auctions who make regular visits to such events, and bid on entire collections of jewelry, or on individual pieces from those collections. In any case, this type of jewelry does not come with a receipt, since it wasn’t purchased at a retail outlet or at a jewelry store, and it also generally lacks papers of authenticity, which means that the untrained eye is not able to determine its authenticity. Fortunately, you have an estate jewelry buyer in Alma School Pawn and Gold.

How Do I Know How Much I’ll Get From You, the Estate Jewelry Buyer?

We are always glad to accept collections of antique jewelry at our pawn shop, because we buy estate jewelry in Mesa, Arizona more than any other pawn shop. We also provide the biggest payouts to our customers who bring in such fine pieces. While we may be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone, it is virtually impossible to quote you an accurate price on any given piece of estate jewelry, without having our master jeweler assess each piece, to determine its authenticity and what its true value on today’s market would be.

Is it Possible I Could Get MORE For My Jewelry?

That’s why we encourage you to make a personal trip to our pawn shop, and bring in your estate jewelry from whichever nearby community you happen to live in, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Apache Junction, or Chandler, so we can make it worth your while with fast cash in your hands. If you prefer to relinquish ownership of your estate jewelry only temporarily, we can provide you with the cash you need on that basis, so that at the end of the three-month loan period, you will again resume ownership of all pieces in your original collection.  In both situations, you would still receive the maximum payout for your collection of estate jewelry, with the only difference being whether or not you intend to resume ownership at the conclusion of the three-month loan.

What Other Examples Can You Offer as an Estate Jewelry Buyer?

Some examples of prime estate jewelry that we love to purchase at our Mesa, Arizona pawn shop are more than just jewelry. They include watches, gemstones, designer jewelry, silverware, diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum. In cases where precious metals are involved, we also consult the New York spot market for those precious metals, so we can have an accurate figure to refer to for up-to-the-minute prices. This helps to ensure that we give you the most accurate representation of fair value for all the expensive pieces in your estate jewelry collection. We realize that by making you happy, you will return to do business with us in the future, and that we will be establishing a relationship of trust and mutual benefit with our clients. So don’t hesitate – bring us your estate jewelry today, before visiting any other pawn shop in the area!