A Diamond Buyer Mesa Citizens Trust During the Monsoon Season

Once a year, the torrential downpour of rain comes to the Valley of the Sun and gives us the needed water to restore our reservoirs; not to mention cool our hot summers down. But did you know that the best way to stay cool is to have a diamond buyer out in Mesa? It sounds silly, but finding a Diamond Buyer Mesa Citizens trust is vital to stay ahead of the storm of rain and doubt. That’s why Alma School Pawn is that Diamond Buyer. Who would have thought that Diamonds are a best friend in the MONSOON Season?

Why Call Yourself a “Diamond Buyer” Mesa Citizens Trust?

This is simple to explain; made possible by three reasons. The first is that our reputation of not only a Pawn Shop but also a buyer of many forms of jewelry allow us to spot diamonds in the midst. Our keen eyes and keener sales skills make it so that we make sure customers get their worth in the diamonds they have us buy.

Can Alma School Buy Diamond Jewelry or Estate Jewelry?

Yes! We would GLADLY buy Diamond Jewelry AND Estate Jewelry! The Diamonds alone is enough to entice us to give you a worthwhile payment. The Gold/Silver/Platinum Accents going WITH the Diamond only helps to further bolster the payout. It’s a two-for-one deal that can only help customers out more.

Are There Other Services Alma School Pawn and Gold Provides?

Alma School Pawn and Gold does provide additional services to our customers. First, we’re a traditional pawn shop in that we offer pawn loans for items beyond diamonds, such as electronics, watches, items of loan-to-value, and more. We also offer auto title loans as well through our business partner at Phoenix Title Loans.

What Areas Does This Business Cover?

Alma School Pawn and Gold is a business that has the full potential to cover the Valley of the Sun in her entirety. But it is not always prudent to come down to our Mesa store if you live in, say, Foutain Hills or Sun City (not that we won’t serve you). Therefore we focus our coverage in the Cities of Mesa, Tempe, Apache Junction, and more!