Pawn TVs in Mesa, Arizona

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Pawn your TV in Mesa, AZ

If you’d like to pawn your TV in Mesa, Arizona, the place to do it is at the best pawn shop store in the city, our own store. Here you can receive the most amount of money for your flat screen TV, and when you arrange for a pawn shop loan with us, you’ll also be able to redeem your TV upon completion of the loan repayment agreement. We are always looking for high quality TV at our store, especially when you bring in all the accessories which your set originally came with, and we recommend that you even bring in the original box that your TV was packaged in. Electronic devices are always worth more money when they are sold as a complete package, so we can give you the most money for your complete set.

While there are a great number of quality TV sets on the market today, we love to receive in the most popular name brand manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Phillips, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Hitachi, RCA, Hyundai, JVC, Micromax, Insignia, and even others. But no matter who the manufacturer of your TV is, we will give it a thorough evaluation at our pawn shop store when you bring it in, and in your presence the fair and honest appraisal will be provided, so you can get the highest payout for your valuable asset. If you prefer to sell your TV outright to us, we can arrange for that as well, so you can take the cash and walk away, with no further obligation to us.

However, if you prefer to resume ownership of your TV after completing the agreement, we can write up a three-month contract agreement with you, in which you would make monthly installment payments that include interest and principle amounts each month. If you are unable to pay the full amount during any month in the repayment period, you could maintain your agreement in good standing simply by paying the interest portion of the monthly installment, and deferring the principle portion to a later month. It would of course be to your advantage to pay down on that principle amount as much as you are able, so as to keep the 90-day term on track, and redeem your TV afterward. There is no early payment penalty assessed if you prefer to pay more than the monthly requirement, and finish the loan off early.

If you’d like to call us ahead of time to get a ballpark estimate of your TV’s value, we encourage you to do so, but keep in mind that the most accurate appraisal can only be done in-person at our shop, so our expert can examine your asset. We service the entire surrounding region, including the cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, and Apache Junction, so if you live anywhere near those cities or beyond, it will be worth your while to visit us at our pawn shop store, to take advantage of our big payouts, and our superior customer service.