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Pawn Fine Watches

It’s no surprise to any owner of the high value that fine watches have.  After all, that value is definitely felt by your wallet when first purchased.  Many owners go into such a purchase knowing that eventually, it’ll have to be sold for cash as it’s simply irresponsible to keep thousands of dollars locked up in a fashion accessory.  That day is not always set in stone though. When you find yourself strapped for cash, a fine watch is often the first solution to come in mind.  Alma School Pawn and Gold recognizes the difficulty in letting go of such a sentimental item.  If you find yourself in need of cash but simply aren’t ready to give up possession of a fine watch, then we’ve got the solution for you.

What Are Fine / Luxury Watches

Before we get into the fine details of said financial solutions, it’s important to define what exactly a fine watch is.  The majority of individuals use one of two criteria to determine whether a watch is of the luxury or fine type: brand and value.  Common brands often associated with luxury watches include:



Tag Heuer


Patek Philippe




And many, many more.

Many luxury watches will obviously find themselves outside of traditional luxury brands, but carry a price tag in the thousands of dollars clearly establishing its status as a luxury watch.

It’s clear that this list is nowhere near exhaustive. If your luxury watch is clearly valuable, then we’re speaking to you.

What It Means to Pawn A Fine Watch

Pawning a fine watch is a unique way to convert illiquid assets into cold, hard cash in a matter of minutes.  This is a service that many luxury watch owners are simply unaware is available to them but is an absolutely vital solution that allows owners do not have to part with their watch.

To pawn an item is simply to get a collateral loan with the item.  The value of your watch is all that is necessary to establish credibility and qualification. This is why customers feel safe to borrow anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in cash.  At our Mesa store, pawning a luxury watch can be done in as little as five minutes and bridge financial gaps.  The process is quick and simple and involves one of our trained, expert associates. Our experts begin performing a quick valuation of the watch at hand in order to make a cash offer.  It’s important to note our decades of experience. Not only does this allows us to have not only the most accurate valuations, but this allows great value to be found on luxury watches in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler.

What Happens After This?

When you accept, we collect a few signatures. After the signatures are taken, your luxury watch is stored in our secure, monitored, and insured safe. This is done throughout the duration of the loan.  At any point during the 90 day loan period, the pawn loan can be repaid in principal plus interest and the watch is returned to you.

Pawning a fine watch is the only method to convert such a valuable item. Pawning is a simple transaction leading into cold, hard cash in a matter of minutes; all of this while still maintaining your possession of it.  Purchasing a fine watch is not a simple decision, and relinquishing it isn’t either.

Maximizing the Value of Fine Watches

To maximize all pawn loan watch values, it’s important to include any boxes, documentation, and accessories originally provided with the watch.  What’s also worth noting is that many luxury watches don’t just hold value in the brand. These watches contain precious metals such as gold and silver that often embellish the bands.

At Alma School Pawn and Gold, pawning your fine / luxury watch is the safest and securest way to put cash in your pocket in minutes.