Zip Code Coverage Area for our Pawn Shop

We are sometimes asked about the geographic area included in the coverage for our pawn shop store, because many people have heard about us and about the great customer service we deliver, as well as the premium payouts we offer for items of value that our customers either sell or pawn with us. Of course, anyone from anywhere can drop into our store with items of value, and at any time, and you will be welcomed with open arms.

Why the Need to Show a Zip Code Coverage Area?

This is for those people who wish to find out whether they are in one of the nearby communities which typically supply most of our patrons. Through the zip code coverage area, this article will attempt to make that somewhat clear. Generally speaking, the majority of our clients originate from towns and cities which are situated in the corridor northeast of the Sonoran Desert National Monument, and southwest of the Tonto National Forest. This includes the communities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction, Gilbert, Tempe, fountain Hills, Goodyear, Gold Canyon, Mobile, Maricopa, Florence, and Coolidge.

We also want customers to know that no matter their location, no matter their circumstance, no matter where they might find themselves at any given point, Phoenix Title Loans is here to provide you with fast cash on the spot.  We don’t discriminate against bad credit, income types, or even day of the week (since we’re open on Sundays too!).  No matter where in Mesa you are, we provide any of our title loan services to you on demand.

What Zip Codes are Covered in Your Zip Code Coverage Area?

A partial list of the ZIP Codes covered by all these communities includes the following: 85233, 85234, 85255, 85286, 85295, 85297, 85298, 85212, 85281, 85282, 85034, 85040, 85006, 85008, 85009, 85281, 85120, 85220, 85208, 85209, 85236, 85225, and 85224. Another way to broadly describe this geographic area would be to include most of the territory north of Interstate-8 and south of the east-west portion of Interstate-10.

What Can I Expect When I Arrive?

Since our pawn store is actually located in Mesa, Arizona, there is a very broad area of the state which we service, from which customers will be able to conveniently reach us. We can promise that anyone who makes the effort to drive in for a personal visit to our shop will be treated with total respect, and given every opportunity to either sell your items of value, or pawn them for the maximum cash payout, right on the spot. Ours is the most hassle-free service in the entire area, and our customers keep coming back to do business with us, because we make a point of making customer service a huge part of our business.